Yellow Wood Sorrel


One of Chickadee’s favorite foraged snacks!

Originally posted on Virginia Wildflowers:

Oxalis sp.

Also known as Sourgrass or Lemon clover because of its distinctive sour-lemon taste, yellow wood sorrel is a pretty wildflower or a ubiquitous weed, depending on your perspective and how much of it you’ve got in your yard. There are multiple species in this genus with similar characteristics, so I won’t attempt to nail this one down to species.

A common characteristic of all of the Oxalis species is the three-part, clover-like leaf that is commonly referred to as a “shamrock”.  Each leaflet in the three-part leaf has a charming heart shape (which makes them fun to pick and share with someone you love :) ). Oxalis leaves fold up at night too, which gives them that special “oddity” characteristic that children enjoy discovering.  As the name implies, the 5-petalled, funnel-shaped flowers of Yellow Wood Sorrel are yellow.

There is a pinkish wood sorrel in our area.  Check out Violet Wood Sorrel too.

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One response to “Yellow Wood Sorrel

  • Thomas

    I have this growing in some of my indoor herb pots. I have no idea how they get there being inside the house but I leave a few as a quick nibble while I water the herbs. I remember laying in the grass with friends and munching the pods when I was but a wee bairn. Aw the best tae ye!

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