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So I suppose I should allow myself to introduce…myself…

Perhaps most importantly, I am a wife and mother (I can see a certian sort of feminist cringing about now—but, since I consider my family to be the most important part of my life, it makes sense to me).  I am also a sister and daughter, a grand-daughter, a neice and a friend…

I am pagan and a kitchen witch.  I am active duty member of the United States Navy, as is my husband (who is also pagan).    I am not ashamed of being pagan, being a witch, or being in the military–but I have been told I should be.

I am an armchair biologist (for now…I plan to finish my degree when I get out of the Navy).  Persons that think that religion should be taught as an alternative to science in public schools piss me off.  I believe in the first amendment.  I think that “Do you believe in evolution?” is the stupidest question ever…its like asking if someone believes in the blueness of the sky, or the wetness of the ocean…

Some thing that is empirically supported doesn’t need to be believed in.  It still happens, even if you don’t.

I like to read.  I read anything with words.  I read Stephen Jay Gould and Robert Dahl.  I read the Bible and the Koran because I think it is important to know what the other half of the world’s population thinks, and why they are willing to kill each other and everyone else for it.  I read Julie Garwood, Yasmine Galenorn, Nora Roberts and Jayne Ann Krents/Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle.  I read Russian poetry and medical journals.  I read Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.  I read the newspaper.  I read the covers of gossip magazines in line at the grocery store.  I even read cereal boxes and I read in the bathroom (but I don’t read cereal boxes in the bathroom).

I am not a liberal.  I am not a conservative.  Liberals and conservatives are equally bad for the future of this country.  I am pro-choice and for the death penalty.  I agree with a universal health care program and better defense spending (not really more, just getting rid of the $80 hammers). I think that perhaps education should go back to being a privilege—maybe people would value it more.  I believe that there is a problem with a country that emphasizes rights, without mention of responsibility.  I think that a person’s sexual preference should not be a hindrance to their ability to marry the person they love.  Marriage should not be a civil privelege.  I don’t like the idea that my money goes to support someone else’s bad habit(s)–particularly if they are an elected official.  I don’t let my religious beliefs vote and I don’t think anyone else should either.

I love the beach.

I kayak, I swim, I hike, I climb, I paint, I sew, and I do any number of things to amuse myself on a rainy Tuesday or sunny Thursday afternoon.

I dream.

Sometimes I dream too much (can you dream too much?).

I enjoy satire and sarcasm, particularly that which is aimed at making the reverent irreverent.

I like sweeping historical dramas with amazing scenery.

I am not a Christian.  I do not worship Jesus.  I do not worship big-G, little -od.  If he indeed exists, I do not think he is a deity worth worshiping.  I do not believe that a book written by men that contains so much hatred, anger and cruelty should be considered the word of a benificent deity.  I do not believe that a book filled with countless contradictions and blatant inaccuracy should be considered infalliable and anything but fictitious.  I don’t care if you think I am going to hell.

I honor more than one god.  I believe that deity is too big for one name.  I celebrate the Sabbats.  I believe that every living thing has a spirit and that a soul is a sort of more highly functioning spirit that is not exclusive to humankind.  I am learning to read runes.  I practice herbalism, both medicinal and magickal.  I think spelling magic with a ‘k’ is pretentious–but I do it anyway, sometimes.  I practice witchcraft–therefore I am a witch.  I am not Wiccan, I do not follow the Rede, I do not believe in the Threefold Law and there was no Byrning Tymes.

I sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door to the bathroom and I laugh at Monty Python.  I wear my baby. I think twiggy models are as much to blame for the obesity epidemic as McDonald’s.

I like Saturday mornings when I don’t have to put my uniform on and go to work.  I like to ”sleep-in”, snuggled in bed with the hubby and our daughter who is too young to appreciate Saturday morning cartoons, yet using her as the excuse to watch them.

I like flowers.  Real flowers.  Still attatched to the roots, and planted in the ground.  I love trees; I’ll take a conversation with a nice, tall tree over most people any day.  I have cried watching a documentary on elephants. I love the smell right after a fall rain…or of sandalwood candles…or of a baby–my baby, right after her bath.

I tried to breastfeed, it didn’t work for us, and I am not ashamed–even though there are people that think I should be.  I don’t like lactation consultants.  I despise the fact that someone thinks I should feel guilty that my daughter and I could not breastfeed.  I despise the people that call me a bad mother because I could not breastfeed.

I want to learn to surf. I would like to sky-dive.  I believe in trying anything once–except foods that are still living or squish and squelch on the way down…blegh.

I love my husband.  Completely.  Alot.  Often.  Beyond distraction.

I love my daughters.  Both of them.  My first, who was beautiful and died too soon, before she was born, at 26 weeks.  My second, who is beautiful and brilliant and bright. I love my baby to be…I don’t know him/her yet and all he/she is doing right now is making me sick…but (s)he is still loved, because (s)he is a new addition to our family.

ETA: He’s an awesome little guy.

I get angry when people drive slow in the left lane.  I get angry that I am angry at the people that are driving slow in the left lane…its just traffic, its not important, it doesn’t change the fate of the world to slow down just a little (unless you are driving an ambulance).

I hate to do the dishes.

I like sushi, pancit and lumpia, kelaguen,  inafliton lemai (breadfruit chips), and lingonberry jam.  I also like a well-done barbeque pork steak, toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake…after all, I am a Cardinal’s fan at heart (if you didn’t get that, you aren’t from the St. Louis area–its ok, we can’t all be perfect)

A good cup of tea is my favorite companion for a snowy day and a good book, even more than a cup of hot chocolate.

I am probably addicted to the internet.

I am definately addicted to the internet.