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 I am collecting cloth for my daughters bai jia bei.   

 The bai jia bei–also known as the 100 Good Wishes Quilt–comes from a tradition in northern China in which patches of cloth are collected for family and friends, and used to make a quilt for a new baby.  Bai jia bei’s, though a Chinese tradition have been adopted in the West, and are a phenomenon I have seen most often in the pagan community and among parents that are/have adopted a child from overseas.

There is a slight problem with this…

I’m not the best sewer in the world…not even in this town…in fact, if my life depended on my ability to sew a straight line, I think I would be dead.  Really, the most I sew is to hem my uniform pants because I’m too lazy to drive to the tailors.

 But…its for my baby.

Specifically for her first birthday,  when we are having a birthday ritual (our version of a naming ceremony/wiccaning) for her…

So I guess I am learning to quilt…and for the forseeable future…I can’t quit learning to quilt…