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Gas prices suck!  Grocery prices suck!  And for the first time since those early months of just married, we are flat-assed broke with a week to go til payday.  On the plus side…all the bills are paid, we have enough groceries to make it till next week, and (hopefull) enough gas in the car to make it to and from work for another week…

I fully admit…this little blip in accounting is my fault…I miscalculated a wee bit, largely forgetting that this was what we refer to as the 3 weekend payday, (since the government pays out on the 1st and the 15th, or the preceeding Friday of either date, every few months there is a several day longer than usual stretch between paychecks).  I had also bought new glasses and (finally!) a pair of prescription sunglasses (I don’t like the transition lense thingys) and miscalculated what we owed the babysitter… And we had recently fried the savings to fix the car, so we don’t have that as a cushion right now.  I hate being broke.

But…shit happens.  And we are far better off than many in the world, and even this country.  Sometimes (as much as I hate when things like this happen) I like when things like this happen…  It gives you something to appreciate, and something to be thankful for. 

We are lucky enough to have full cupboards.  We are lucky enough to be able to afford a decent apartment in a nice neighborhood.  We are lucky enough to (generally) have a surplus amount of money so that we CAN have a savings available when we need it.  We are lucky enough that we have enough money that we have a retirement fund, and savings and bonds for Sophie (and for Baby v2.0).  We are lucky enough to have a vehicle, to have jobs, to have clothing, to be comfortable.  We are lucky enough that we have very little debt to pay off, and that all of our belongings are ours, rather than our creditors.

There are many people in far worse straits than ours right now.

And for that…I am blessed—even if I am broke!