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Tiny bud, growing in love,
resting in the womb;
Unleashing spark, in the dark;
birthing yet to come;
Healthy child, grow awhile;
I keep you safe and strong;
Nature flows, this blessing grows;
to join our family before long.

Associated deities:
Hathor–pregnancy, childbirth
Taweret–pregnancy, childbirth
Sung Tzu Niang-niang–“The lady who bestows children”
Chang Hsien–for boy children
Juno (Lucina)–for safe childbirth
Alemona–for a healthy unborn child
Obatala, Khnum–To shape a baby in the womb

Full moon, Water, Cow, hippo, burrowing owl, tadpole, Almond, hay, myrrh, babies breath

Herbs: red raspberry leaf

Lapis lazuli—healing and soothing; improves mental, physical, spiritual, pshycic and emotional health; in healing rituals, visualize the outcome (for a sick person—imagine them healthy, for a pregnancy visualize a healthy baby, ready to head out); stimulates uplifting emotions and gentleness; protective stone for children and the prevention of miscarriage
Bloodstone—(fire, Mars) projective; healing—especially for blood related or bleeding disorders; increases physical strength; strengthens courage, calming, relieves fear, eliminates anger; folklore suggests that when worn by farmers during planting it can increase their crop yield and when worn by women it can prevent miscarriage; also can be used to attract wealth and increase the effectiveness of spells and rituals
Moonstone—(water, the Moon/Venus) receptive, attracts protection and love; ensures restful sleep; worn during planting or watering or bury in the garden to ensure fertile and abundant growth, also buried at the roots of a tree, or tied to a branch it will encourage fruiting; protection in water and for travelers; enhances divination
Amber—(fire/spirit, the Sun) projective; thought to contain the life essence of deity; protective; ensures the safety and health of children; guards against negativity; strengthens spells; enhances beauty and attractiveness; increases enjoyment of pleasurable activities; promotes fertility and womb health; combats infertility in men; general protector of health and the prevention of many internal ailments; amber powder was once burned during childbirth to assist in labor and stop nose bleeds; increases strength; induces success in love and money matters
Coral—(water/spirit, Venus) receptive; promotes new growth; thought to contain the life essence of deity; assists in the regulation of female cycle; guards against accidents, violence, poison, theft, possession; promotes fertility; promotes life; healing—staunches bleeding, red coral supposedly pales to warn of bad health…in women it was said to brighten if menstruation was forthcoming; banishes nervousness, fear, anger, panic, depression and nightmares; promotes reason, courage, wisdom and peaceful sleep; ensures the future health of children if given as a gift; magically protects children if placed in their room; increases the yield of crops and protects them from bad weather and insects; attracts luck to the home; attracts love; protection in water