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Can we get this freaking election over with already?

Really.  I hate politics.  I hate politicians.  I hate the presidential possibilities for this election.

Both candidates suck.

The only result of this election will be another 4 years of everyone in this country hating the government of this country…regardless of who actually gets elected.

I am so sick of negative campaign ads, bogus “news” stories about non-issues, the fruit-cake media bias on BOTH sides, woe-is-me canidate tirades, hypocritical campaign statements and most of all, conspiracy theory nut-jobs…

Almost forgot…the T&A VP pick–I’m really sick of her.

Both canidates are the opposite sides of the same damn coin.  And once again, it neither matters who you vote for as an individual citizen in this country (hello, electoral college), nor does it really matter who gets elected as the President (hello, Congress). 

Once again, we are faced with the lesser of two evils vote…

And I’m not sure I want to vote for the lesser of two evils again–even if I could figure out which one that was.