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Is it appropriate to do spellwork for mundane things? 

Everything I do–for the most part–is based on these two ideas…

1. My responsibility is to the health, welfare, safety, security, happiness and general well-being of myself and my family.
2. If I have the means and the ability to help another/others whose need is genuine, I should do my best…but “they” are not my responsibility, and I don’t owe “them” anything.

I don’t see anything wrong or immoral with using all the weapons in one’s arsenal to provide for ones self and ones family the things–like a job–that our society has made necessary…but a spell for a big screen TV is a different matter  Cheesy

That being said, without having the necessary qualifications, experience, personality, or whatever it it that a potential employer has in mind for a potential employee, you aren’t going to get a job–spell or no spell…  Without working for it–or getting extremely lucky with the winning lotto ticket (which you still can’t win if you don’t buy)–you aren’t going to get rich off a money spell (though you might find $20 in your laundry the day before pay day when you are broke and you gas light comes on  Grin)… 
Just because you do a spell, doesn’t mean what you are hoping for is going to happen without doing some mundane work to get it.  You might give youself and extra boost for whatever it is you want to achive, but its no different in action, than getting a makeover before a hot date or the audition of your life, or saying a prayer before a basketball game, or buying a power suit for the big interview.  Basically a spell will help, but it won’t do the work for you.

From a pagan perspective, the Gods help those who help themselves….  Wink