I hate waiting.  Never really been good at it.  My momma once told me (in clearly exasperated tones), “I swear child, Impatient should have been your middle name!”  I’ve gotten better at it over the years…but I still hate it.  And I don’t hate much. 

Things I am waiting for right now:

Kids to wake up from nap.
To go to the beach with the kids with daddy one last time before he leaves.
To get my card from the bank so I can pay bills (lost the ATM/debit, and they mailed it a week ago–still haven’t recieved it).
To hear from surgery scheduling what time we need to have Collin at the hospital.
For Collin’s surgery to be over.
For the six weeks to be over, to see if the tubes fix his hearing problem.
For my frocking on Monday to be over.
To hear from the VA about Scott’s and my disability ratings and claims.
For my separation package to be finished so I can get my separation orders.
To get my separation orders so I can schedule my pack out.
To schedule my move so I can break my lease.
To get out of the Navy.
To move back home and see the hubby (who hasn’t even left yet…lol) again.

…and then I’m pretty sure there will be a whole new list.