I found this totally old post from the pagan forum, and it amused the heck out of me…

The thread OP was to “imagine a new country was created and you became its first ruler. You are asked to write the law and the first thing you need to do is to write 10 rules that your people will have to live by, what are those rules?”

1. Pay homage to your leader (me) every Tuesday, in return—free ice cream
2. No stealing.
3. 4 day work week…fri, st, sun are holidays…but must be spoken in pirate…
4. No violating another’s person, except in self defense or defense of another.
5. No violating the rights of belief, or action of another.
6. Freedom of the expression…(speech, press, religion, etc)
7. You must either pass a parenting test or attend and pass parenting classes before raising children (really—saw a GREAT example of this today)
8. You must complete 2 years of some sort of civil service, volunteer service or military service (ie—police, volunteer fire fighter, nurse, teacher, Peace Corps, etc) in order to vote.
9. Murder, rape, child sexual abuse and habitual or severe child/spouse are punishable by death–death sentances are carried out on Fridays of the week of conviction and aired on prime time TV…
10. Persons committing minor crimes are to be put in stocks in front of the courthouse for people to throw tomatoes at—tomatoes will be provided…

What would your 10 rules be?