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Do not discount the power of crochet and a cup of tea.

I have found myself mildly addicted (is there such a thing?) to random facebook games. I am fairly sure that part of the issue is my tendency to hibernate in the winter…I have never been a cold weather kind of girl (much to the Wisconsin native hubby’s dismay).  But I’m thinking it is fairly sad when you are actually worried that your virtual crops might fail, your pretend cafe might have rotten food, or your computer fish might be floating upside down when you next go to feed them. And while there is something adorable with my 2 year old getting a kick out of washing my Pet Society creature or playing ball with him, I’d rather her not think that virtuality is reality.

In an attepmt to break free from virtual life, we are getting a real pet to play ball with. A black lab to be specific. A puppy. Like my two human puppies (three if you count the hubby) aren’t enough trouble responsibility…  Added bonus, a dog will reduce the amount of vaccuming required to de-crumb the living room from two small children and will hopefully induce us to be more pro-active about picking up the toys (yay for puppy teeth).  Plus a dog needs walking, and the kids love a good walk too (note: find out if a lab can pull a kiddie wagon).  Guess I should stock up on the Claritin…

Don’t let the above fool you–I am pretty damn excited about this dog.  I have always been a dog person, and both Scott and myself missed having a dog tremendously while we were in the Navy.  We have decided to name her Tesla (yes, after Nikola Tesla and yes,we really are that nerdy), and we pick her up tomorrow.  Hopefully I also have a line on a crate via Craigslist that I can pick up this weekend.

So for tonight I am drinking some most excellent cinnamon spice tea, looking at crochet patterns for a dog sweater and making a list of things we need to get for our addition to the family.  And I am not playing facebook games (though I did check my messages).