I have recently iscovered a new crochet techniqe…and I love it, plus it looks cool too. Its called Tunisian crochet, though I’ve also seen it called knitted crochet and afghan crochet.

This video is awesome–since she is working with such a large hook and yarn, you can see what she is doing much better than any other tutorial I have seen.

Unfortunately I have yet to find a craft store around here that sells the hooks for tunisian crochet…for small stuff I use a long double sided hook, and for big stuff, I have improvised with a regular hook and some NG tubing (the tubing they use for nasal canulas)…though I have found some online sources for the hooks.

I’m thinking a rag rug with this technique would look fabulous! I have also bought some hemp twine to try place mats, and maybe even a basket–I think it should hold up to a 3-D design.  And, as with most fiber and repetitive motion based handicrafts, its really easy to work some magic into the design and its excecution.

Some other informative intro sites:

The basics of tunisian crochet from about.com

This site shows the Tunisian simple stitch step by step

Tunisian crochet patterns

Also, I totally want this book, which contains some interesting ideas (including how to cross stitch into the design) and looks like a great resource.