Today, I can’t shouldn’t be typing…I have one room done, and five more to go.  And that doesn’t include vacuuming or scrubbing the floors, taking down the holiday lights or re-organizing the sorage unit.

I’m not big on superstition or on resolutions for that matter, but I am much of the opinion that how you start something influences how you complete it.  This year is going to be hard enough with me going back to school and our significant (further) reduction in income.  I am determined that we are going to bring in the New Year with a clean, cleansed, blessed and refreshed home.  Even if it kills me.

And for tomorrow:  The annual Polar Plunge at Smitty’s Marina in New Athens, IL…proceeds benefit the local food pantry.  Because NOTHING says a great New Year like jumping into the Kaskaskia River in the middle of winter.