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My little chickadee is more like a sick-a-dee…with a little case of the tummy crummies.

Its pretty mild so really–she’s cranky, clammy with the chills, no appetite, and a general complaint of “I don’t feel good Mommy, Sophie berry sick”, with a more specific “My tummy has a boo boo”, and a couple episodes of vomiting. Luckily there is no diarrhea at this point, and while she isn’t keeping down most water or food, she’s doing okay with Sprite and Goldfish.   Actually, all Mommy’s little sick-a-dee WANTS is Goldfish…and the Thomas blankie (which is in the wash for the third time).  I don’t think it will get much worse–her little cousin (whom she likely got this from) only had it for three days, and was only mildly ill as well. But, she’s my baby girl, and I can count the number of times that she has been sick on one hand and still have fingers left over. Daddy is taking it even worse–this is the first time that he has had to deal with his little princess being sick–when she had roseola, he was 5 states away, and the last time she ran a fever he was at sea.

So, we have some ginger simmering on the stove, so I can mix it with Sprite (she LOVES ginger Sprite, and it helps with the urge to worship at the porcelain throne) if she wants something to drink in the night (she usually goes to bed with a sippie cup of water, but isn’t keeping water down)…and we always have a standby liter of Pedialyte in the cupboard.