Just an FYI for anyone that regularly checks out my blog…particularly if I am also a checker-outter of your blog too (and you wonder where I went). I’m taking 18 credit hours of biology and chemistry classes (including labs) this semester…and I have two small children, a puppy and a husband to pay attention to as well (^here we are, minus puppy!).

Unfortunately, this means that blogging is a bit low on the priority list.  As is sewing, painting, reading for leisure, long bubble baths, herbal dabbling (if we don’t NEED it RIGHT NOW, it isn’t getting made!), bread baking, etc…about the only thing I have still been able to do is crochet, because I can take it to class with me!!  I have even been feeding the kiddos Kraft Mac’n’Cheese on my lab nights, instead of making it from scratch.  Poor Scott has had to pick up all the chore slack because my homework load sucks so bad!

I swear I have lab reports, papers and tests due just about every day and I am trying not to get behind while I still pay enough attention to the family that they don’t hate me.   Hopefully, I will get some breathing room soon (or I might just go insane), but until then, don’t expecting much until Spring Break at the earliest, and don’t expect anything new that is good and useful til May!!!  Otherwise, I’m still on at PF.