A home is the temple for the religion of life.

As a kitchen witch, I am the priest(ess) of that temple.

I find the my Divine in a cup of tea.  I clean out anger and cook with joy.  I wield a spoon like a wand and my “athame” is oft used and fully functional. I keep a copy of the The Housewive’s Tarot: A Domestic Divination Kit With Deck And Instruction Book
next to The Joy of Cooking and Betty Crocker. I make monster spray that keeps the monsters away and I bless the bath water before bedtime with lavender and love. I am the keeper of the Hearth (electric stove that it may be).

Being a kitchen witch has nothing to do with religion, its about using the energies and items that make a house a home to enrich the lives of those that live there, or are just passing through (and some of the best kitchen witches I know have never heard of the term).

From my own experience as a kitchen witch, it means using whatever you have handy when you need to do spellwork. Most kitchen witchery is centered around the home and family. It can include adding magic to dinner, but it’s also about finding the magic in the mundane. The water coming from my faucet is just as sacred as a moonlit pond in an ancient oak forest, the fire on my gas stove is still Fire-with-a-capital-F.

from perzephone @ the Pagan Forum

Being a kitchen witch means knowing how to manifest what is in the heart into something tangible. Its not just about herbs and candles–sometimes its about dirty socks and that gross thing behind the couch. Mostly its about recognizing the exceptional in the everyday.

A thought begins as a seed in the ground state, vibrates to life, then moves from the subtlest level of nature to the grossest level where the five senses can detect it.
~Deepok Chopra

Being a kitchen witch is about manifestation…and sometimes, manifestos.