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Don’t tell anyone I was here because I’m not really back yet!

I’ve slowly but surely, in my few spare moments here and there, been doing some page tinkering, but overall, I’m still terribly busy with school…and I should probably be studying (but I just can’t take it at the moment!!!)

To top it off, Mr. Collin has been sick with an ear and sinus infection. Poor little guy is a bit cranky…but he got his first REAL hair cut and (mostly) handled it like a trooper. And tomorrow is Miss Sophie’s birthday, my little Ostara baby…she is such a Pisces with a dash of Aries to make it difficult. I had plans for a family Ostara (as well as an actual Ostara post), but with the birthday things going on and an exam today, as well as three exams and a presentation due next week…that all went by the wayside. I’m thinking we will suspend Ostara to coincide (as to not confuse the kiddos, and because I have a three day weekend) until Easter, since my family does a HUGE egg hunt for the kids.

So until/unless I get another bout of midnight madness (hubby started a new job and works evenings–and often overtime now, and my schedule is off), have a wonderful Ostara and a Happy Spring!!!

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Ooooh…and (while I’m still up) I totally have two random recipes because I have been experimenting with using yogurt instead of cream cheese or sour cream…

Fast, cheap & easy bean dip:

2 cans fat free refried beans
1 can chili seasoned tomatoes (or 1 cup of salsa, your choice)
1 cup fat free plain yogurt

Mix together. A sprinkling of cheese is optional. Serve with corn chips.

Creamy Pesto:

Two tablespoons pesto
Two tablespoons fat free plain yogurt

Mix together. Yummy on sandwiches.

Also, try adding some yogurt to tomato soup or chicken noodle/chicken with rice, it makes it nice and creamy and gives it a bit of a tang, while promoting the incorporation of probiotics into the diet.