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ME: Honey, I want a vasculum.
SCOTT: Okay.
ME: Do you even know what that is?
SCOTT: No. I just figured you would tell me.
ME: So you weren’t even going to ask?
SCOTT: Sure. Whats a vasculum?
ME: Why do I feel like you are just humoring me now?
SCOTT: Maybe because I am.

*from my tumblr

The vasculum is a mostly forgotten, but once integral part of Victorian (and post-Victorian) botanical collecting that was probably developed in the late 1600’s (the first written descriptions appear in the early 1700’s).  While largely largely forgotten today (eschewed for plastic bags), the once favored (and vastly more stylin’) vasculum is a cylindrical (historically) or box-like (modern) tin or wood container used to carry plant specimen until they could be preserved

Widely used in Britain and Europe, the vasculum saw its highest popularity in the United States in the aftermath of the Civil War until the advent of WW II.  After that, taxonomic collecting lost favor to the new flavor of science.

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