Scott and I have officially decided to try on Unitarian Universalism (UU).  We have generally admired their philosophy and goals and identified with their principles, but have never had the time to really check them out.  The St Louis area has four UU congregations–all of them are about a half hour drive or more.  Or requirements are that they do not emphasize Judeo-Christian thought or theology, that they have a strong religious education program, and that, preferably they have some sort of Pagan group…though I have no doubt that the drive will factor in as well.

For the second time, we have attended the First Unitarian Church of Alton.  Unfortunately, both times we have gone there has been a guest speaker (today’s was excellent) and its a 45 minute drive!!  On the plus side, the congregation is friendly and diverse and they have a number of chalice circles (the UU equivalent of a sort of focus group), including a parents group and a pagan group.  They also happen to have a Spiral Scouts troop.  There are two other local UU congregations in St. Louis to check out before we worry about moving further afield (Google says the fourth congregation is over an hour away).

Down the ages we have trod
many paths in search of God,
seeking ever to define
the Eternal and Divine.

Some have seen eternal good
pictured best in parenthood,
and a Being throned above
ruling over us in love.

There are others who proclaim
God and Nature are the same,
and the present God-head own
where creation’s laws are known.

There are eyes which best can see
God within humanity,
and God’s countenance there trace
written in the human face.

Where compassion is most found
is for some the hallowed ground,
and these paths they upward plod
teaching us that love is God.

Though the truth we can’t perceive
this at least we must believe,
what we take most earnestly
is our living Deity.

Our true God we there shall find
in what claims our heart and mind,
and our hidden thoughts enshrine
that which for us is Divine

from the UU hymn “Down the Ages We Have Trod”