I just finished viewing the first installment of PBS’s God in America, a six hour collaborative effort between two of my favorites (after Nova and Nature) Frontline and American Experience (yes, I *am* that much of a geek).  I’m still working out what I think of it…I’m somewhat disappointed about their coverage of the colonies and the founding fathers and the ideals of religious freedom this country was actually built upon, but their coverage of groups like the Baptists (and how much of their history they seem to have forgotten) and the early Evangelical movement are both interesting and illuminating on many of the trends in American history.  Tomorrow’s coverage covers religion during the Civil War and the reaction to the theory of Evolution (or what I like to call America’s ignorance of science) and I believe that Wednesday discusses the religion of the Civil Rights era through today.  The full program is supposed to be available to watch online, though I’ve seen competing debates of the 12th and the 14th.  Their companion website has a whole host of resources, from a religious literacy quiz to a study guide and even a sort of Faithbook, where individuals can leave their answers to some questions about their religious beliefs and where their religion intersects with their public personas (and of course, I have my own…I love survey type thingys!)