Spawned by a discussion on Pagan Forum over the “10 Commandments” listed in the book (which I fully admit I have not read) A Witch’s 10 Commandments by Marian Singer, I have written my own version…just for kicks.

1. Divinity Abides in All things
2. Take responsibility for the ways in which you choose to worship.
3. All knowledge is worth having, but use the symbols of the Divine with prudence for they have Power.
4. Strive for each action of one’s body to be a prayer of one’s soul
5. Honor the purpose of each thing, no matter how small or hidden that purpose might appear.
6. Life is a gift. When you can give it, do so with humility; when you must take it, do so with mercy.
7. Love as thou wilt. (Jacqueline Carey readers should get a kick out of this one, as well as #3)
8. Speak carefully. The words you sow today will eventually bear fruit.
9. Respect the vows of others and of yourself.
10. Count your own blessings before counting the blessings of others.