*le sigh*

(because sighing is best typed in faux-French)

Too much to do, and too little motivation to get it done.

And the weather, while fun at first, is NOT helping.

This has been a crazy month or two.  As a result (and I apologize) it has been a bit sparse in here, new post and new idea-wise.  I’ll be honest, I’ve mostly been too busy get non-essential stuff done and I’ve been too lazy when I have had the time to catch up elsewhere.  The hubbster went and got a well paying new job (thank goodness, but here’s the catch—out of state)…leaving me with one semester to the degree, and two small children (its a been hectic).  While I am very lucky to have had the family nearby, we went nearly a month in the fall with no income due to some issues with the start date for said job getting pushed back (gotta love the gov’t) and as a result got a bit behind in the bill department.  Let me say, it was bleak–and without the support of very excellent and generous friends and family, we would have had it much worse…but even so, it was too close for comfort.

We were able to go visit Daddy-man (the superhero moniker that Sophie has given her daddy, complete with theme song) for the holidays AND mostly catch up on the bills (and we had some fun while we were at it).  Unfortunately, as soon as we were mostly caught up…the Daddy-mobile got a boo-boo (which we will be able to fix next week)…and we (still) need a new laptop (ours died over a month ago), because that is how Daddy-man gets to talk to his sidekicks Super Sophie Princess and Sir Knight Collin the Brave.  Now we are back home, I’m back in school until May, and we are in the process of household minimizing, in preparation to move…back to Virginia.

So, I promise, I haven’t forgotten this blog (although I did fail on that resolution).  I’ve just been a bit preoccupied.  I do have about a dozen posts in various stages of completion…but first I have a paper to finish, some journal articles to read, a book to review, and a test to study for (and this is only winding down week three of the semester).