So…as a kitchen witch, and as a mommy of a preschooler and a toddler, it is invariable that the two worlds collide with some frequency—particually now that Daddy has been working out of state since October, and I’ve been single-momming it (part of the reason for so much time off from the blog!!).

I happen to be from the hands-on learning school of parenting, so my children, even at 2 and “almost 4” have a role in making everything from pancakes (our favorite weekend breakfast) to spaghetti.  Since we do so much cooking together, we have come up with some ways to make it more fun, and to introduce the idea of infusing actions with intent.

Mommy’s Magic Ingredients:

Sprinkles (for happiness)
Cinnamon (for love)
Pinch ‘o’ Salt (for cleansing)
Sugar (kisses)
Vanilla (for fun)
chocolate–cocoa, chocolate chips, etc (hugs)
Ginger (for an upset tummy)
Garlic (to kill germs)

Sharkbait and Chickadee’s Favorite Super-Special Pancakes
Pancake mix (either from scratch, or from a mix)
An extra teaspoon of sugar (with kisses)
Pinch of cinnamon (with lots of love)
Splash of vanilla (for fun)
Food coloring of choice

Mix with thoughts for a wonderful day. Pour onto a hot griddle, and add sprinkles prior to flipping. Serve with topping of choice, and more sprinkles. …in our house, we cut pancakes like a pizza (which means the pizza cutting song)

The Pizza Cutter Song
The Wheel of Life goes ’round
The Wheel turns ’round and ’round
When you think you’re lost,
You know you’re found
‘Cause the Wheel of Life goes ’round and ’round