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If I am somewhat crafty, my mother is the Queen of Crafty with the Ultimate Stash.  While my ideas are generally more creative and artsy, my mom’s look more professional–she can make a handmade card that would make Hallmark weep.   When I mentioned May day flower baskets she immediately gave me the look (you know, the mom look–the one I usually give MY kids, that I haven’t see for the better part of a decade) that  said “Honey, we can do better than that.”  And well…my mother has entire room of stamping and scrapbooking paraphernalia.

So, we have been buried in the stash busting out the flower stamps and the pretty paper  to make May Baskets tomorrow.  Since we are staying at my mom’s until Friday (when we move back to Virginia), we are sticking with the secular version/traditions of the holiday this year.  Rather than knocking on the doorbells leaving the basket and running (according to my grandfather, my aunt’s favorite May Day activity), we are giving them to a few of the neighbors and to my grandparents.  We have also been contriving a way to make a munchkin sized May Pole of sorts (maybe the tube from wrapping paper or an old broom handle)  and an flower crown for Sophie who wants to be the May Princess (instead of the May Queen).