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It looks like I will be cancelling my date for post-Rapture looting since I haven’t noticed any clothing puddles, planes falling out of the sky or driver-less car accidents.  Which is good, because we stocked up at the farmers market–fresh seafood (scallops and crab), spring onions, broccoli, some greenhouse tomatoes, a few kinds of lettuce and greens, sugar snap peas, chicken eggs, grass fed beef for kabobs, and some breakfast sausage.  I would hate to miss out on all that local produce.

I still need to do the regular grocery shopping, since I’ve been combing though my one and only unpacked cookbook (which I actually bought when we all visited over Winter break) for menu planning.  I’m thinking we are going to try the Grilled Caesar Salad (Romaine hearts, brushed with the Caesar Vinagrette from this recipe and quickly grilled while being continuously turned for about 4 minutes), their Proscuitto-Wrapped Beef Kebabs, the  Herbed Turkey Loaf with Honey Mustard Glaze, and the Farm Stand Spinach Cannelloni.

I think we are doing the Grilled Caesar Salad tonight, with the scallops…I’ve been looking for some scallop recipes (which I have never made before), and I think I’m going to go with this one after I comb through the reviews and figure out how I want to tinker with it.

I am so happy that we are moved in to our own place again–I have cooking space, a place to put the family altar and a HUGE balcony that I am sitting on right now.  Hopefully, things will calm down in a week or two as we get settled in and caught up from the expense of moving and the (as usual) *something* that went wrong afterwards (the car needs new break pads after an emergency full-on slam-to-a-stop today) and I will (fingers crossed, hair braided) get a call back for the job I am interested in and/or get accepted into the grad school program I’ve been looking at.