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S. Waldman.  Founding Faith: How our Founding Fathers Forged a Radical New Approach to Religious Liberty.  New York: Random House. 2009.  Pp. 277. (Trade Paperback, $16.00)

Founding Faith, by Steven Waldman, explores the eventual establishment of religious freedom through the efforts of five of the founding fathers and a discussion of their religious views.  This book criticizes both the views of the founding of this country as a “Christian nation” as well as liberal arguments to the contrary.  As with much of history, the reality seemingly lies somewhere in the middle, and this book successfully establishes that middle ground.  Mr. Waldman’s writing is both entertaining (in a sort of ah-ha! moment way) and remarkably thorough for such a short read (there are only 208 pages of the body of the book itself, the rest is bibliography, notes and index).

Click here for a  far better review that I am capable of at the moment (I’m feeling lazy) and which expresses my overall sentiments.


Four and a half of five Benjamins.