and not just any trashy romance novel!

Many years ago (at least 10 or 12, probably more like 15) I read a trashy romance novel.  It was to be the first of two.  But I never read the second one.

I’m not sure what brought this to mind…but I sort of want to read them.

Except, I don’t remember the title of the book.  Or the author.

All I remember is the basic plot and some of the main characters.  Amanda (not sure of last name McK* something or ther), daughter (or so she thinks) of prominent Boston businessman travels to pre-quake/fire San Fransisco to meet her real father, only to find him murdered.  Oh, and with a half-sister, an opera singer understudy (whom the second novel is about) named Lily who happens to have a pirate for a fan boy.  Amanda decides to discover her (real) father’s murderer, and in the process falls into lust with gambler-and-casino-owner-turned-luxury-hotel-owner of unknown name.  Amanda’s douche of a fiancee shows up with evil mother, who ends up being the killer over some sort of bank robbery of stock certificates.

Book two is about the opera singer understudy whose knife is found in opera star’s corpse…but I don’t know if it was ever published because I was never able to find it (I read it from the library in high school).

…so, if anyone has any inkling of this book or author, I would greatly love to know.

I rarely never forget a book, especially one I liked, so its making me kind of sad.


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