That is the question…

Whether ‘tis nobler to save trees and read from a soul-less electronic device or to hold words, from wisdom to idiocy, in you hand, to smell the ink and feel the paper against your fingertips.

I love my books.  My stacks and stacks of books (I’ve even idly started to blog about them).   The stacks and stacks of books that my husband hates to move (and being formerly of the military, we have moved often).  I can guarantee that a single box of my hardcovers easily weighs 70 lbs, and paperbacks around 40.  I can also guarantee that the last time we moved I had 15 boxes of books, and that was AFTER taking half of them to a used bookstore.  My husband would love for me to have a Kindle…or a Nook…  Really, I don’t think he cares what device I use, if only it means less boxes.

Its strange, because a good quarter of those books are his.  Tomes of history, ragged paperbacks of science fiction and fantasy, every book Tom Clancy has ever written, and more.  But, try suggesting a Kindle to him…I think he’d mutiny.

And so, I am trying the middle road.  I downloaded the free Kindle program for my PC and am reading the (free) classics (and not so classic, but also free) and other assorted pre-1923 (gotta love the public domain!) books that they offer.  I realize of course, the difference between on my computer and on a handheld device…but I’m appreciating this intermediate, for it has highlighted some aggravations I didn’t even think of—no pictures for one (crucial in a craft book), and has confirmed my deepest fear.

There is no fulfillment when finishing a story from an electronic device…no sense of accomplishment, no inner warm fuzzy from turning that last page.  I can Kindle…but I don’t want to…or do I?

(reblogged from my tumblr, posted last summer, with the update that I have given in, once I have made a decision…I am Kindling, or Nooking, or Kindling, or Nooking, or…)