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“How do you practice a nature religion? Are you able to do so in a city? A suburb? At the beach? In the mountains? How often are you able to do it?”

I live..sometimes not as well as I should, or with as much dignity, honor, honesty, regard, fun, playfulness, seriousness, levity, or a hundred other adjectives, as I should. But I try my damnedest to enjoy every minute of it…and I do it by experiencing where I *am* and loving I live, and teaching my children to do the same. Sometimes that’s the beach, the park, the farmer’s market, or it might be the library or even the balcony, sipping on sassafras tea and munching peaches from the farmer’s market.

Practicing a Nature Religion You can be a Christian if you believe that Jesus was the son of the Christian god and that he died to save you from your sins. And even if you only go to church on Easter and Christmas, and even if you seldom pray to the Christian god, well, you're a Christian. You're maybe not a devout Christian, but you're a Christian. And you can be a Witch even if you only practice on the 8 Sabbats. There are a lot of Pagans like that. They go out into the wo … Read More

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