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Hail Columbia Virginia now has a Facebook Page!   If you are in Virginia, be sure to like us!  And, if you aren’t in Virginia, see if your state has a page or check out Hail Columbia’s main FB or website for a listing of coordinators by state.  If you are interested, become a coordinator!

So…if you didn’t know, I volunteered to be one of the coordinators for Hail Columbia for the state of Virginia.  I am specifically coordinating for the Hampton Roads area and we have another coordinator for the Richmond area, though we are both available for information going on in the rest of the state regarding First Amendment activism, political activism from a Pagan perspective, Pagan activism from a political perspective, etc.  We are also interested in developing rituals, prayers and devotions for the preservation of religious freedom to share within the Pagan community.

Its going to be one of my goals to put up some notes on our FB page with simple ways people can get involved…some of that I will probably re-blog here (just an FYI)…which means things might get a bit more political (since I have mostly tried to avoid that)…or a bit more religiously specific (did you know Virginia has her very own goddess?), so beware (or stay tuned)!