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I think though, that this is an issue that goes beyond how we (as Pagans) portray ourselves in the media, to how we define ourselves as a religion. When the only thing people can agree on (or agree not to disagree on) is a negative defintion (non-Abrahamic), I’m thinking that by default much framing of our beliefs is bound to be negative. Western society (including many Pagans) are still set in the either-or thought process that originates from monotheism…but Paganism is as much a polythetic religion as it is a polytheistic one.

Framing Pagan Pride An aspiring Witch quickly learns to cast hir spells positively. In other words, one doesn’t do a spell to end unemployment; one does a spell to find a wonderful job. One doesn’t do a spell to end illness; one does a spell for vibrant health. One doesn’t do a spell to harm an antagonist; one does a spell to direct the antagonist’s attention away towards something positive. It’s a skill that quickly becomes second nature for most Witches and other … Read More

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