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I have just found a super-awesome website from fellow blogger, Mrs. Ebonee @ The Life of an African American Wiccan (well, actually from her FB), and when I went link hopping from the original (and excellent) article (Jesse, I think you will like this one!), I fell in love.

Its time for Mr. Thalassa (aka The Hubby and DaddyMan) to step up to the plate and bust out the power tools that we don’t have.

Because…as much as I love it, I want it different.

Something…more like this:

A little excessive on the color, yeah?  Sorry…I was excited about the childhood flashback of using paint (seriously, who uses that program anymore?).

More like a wine rack, and able to handle quart sized jars…with dowels and hooks to hang dry herbs from…and (despite my paint drawing), with larger sections on the bottom and some regular shelves below So, probably a big giant piece of furniture that sits on the floor, or can be fixed into the studs.  Which means I can’t have it right now, because corporate apartments don’t usually like their temporary residents to put giant holes in their walls.

But that’s okay…because I’m not lacking in stuff I would fill my shelf with.  And at the end of the day, its counting what you have as a blessing is more important than slavering over what you want and aren’t getting any time soon.

(was that reaching a bit?  you know, for the moral of the story?  so it wasn’t *quite* so self-indulgent?)