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No matter the religion, the daily devotional prayer is an important reminder of your connection to the divine and the gifts you receive from the divine…You are building a rope, one strand at a time. Each time you pray and give thanks to your Gods you are adding one more strand to the rope. (source)

Sunrise from Space on the Apollo 11 (image from NASA via Universe Today)


Blessing for the Day to Come

Thanks be for the waters that support and surround us
for the land that extends about us
and for the sky that stretches above us
And our center which burns as a living flame
Let us move in the world today
With a heart reflecting a love that is pure
Our mind making decisions that are just
And our spirit exalted in a worship that is true.
Let every action of our bodies be a prayer of our soul.
As I will, so mote it be.

Thanksgiving for the End of Day

I have thrived* today
Through the blessing of the universe–
The light of sun, and radiance of moon,
With the splendour of fire, and the speed of lightning,
Embraced by the swiftness of the wind,
Cradled with the depth of seas,
Supported by the stability of earth and the firmness of rock.
I give thanks to this day,
That its successes be met with joy
and its failures be counted as blessings from which to grow.

*Alternate wording (for those not-so-good days): survived

(both of these are taken from my BoS (Book of Stuff), and I am fairly sure they are modified from prayers I have collected and had long enough that no longer have the original source information)