Our family attends (and are now members of) a Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, where we can be found most Sunday mornings (unless we are playing hooky to go to a reenactment, crabbing or camping).  While every week there is usually a perspective that is  moving, informative and/or thought provoking…today’s was especially so (on all counts). So, I thought I’d share some of its elements, even though I can’t recreate the event itself.

At the beginning of most services, there is a time when the kidlets come up for a discussion or story with the congregation and the first service featured the tale of Old Turtle, by Douglas Wood.

The second service featured a play based upon old Turtle’s sequel,  Old Turtle and the Broken Truth, also by Douglas Wood (I should probably remember to add both of these books to the Pagan parenting book list–they are both being added to our family library!).

And in both services, the choir performed a song called “All Lifted Hearts” from a three-part work called Sources: A Unitarian Universalist Cantata by Kendyl Gibbons and Jason Shelton (this is not our choir).