So…life has definitely interrupted blogging and I’ve had a bunch of personal things going on.

I happen to have a stack of blog posts that are half-written and behind my mental schedule, but the *other stuff* (mental, emotional and physical) has been getting in the way a bit…I’ll get around to them, eventually.

Between the kids and problems at school, getting Sharkbait evaluated based on those problems at school (we start speech therapy next week, and we go back for another developmental peds appointment in March, probably followed by , my ongoing sinus ick, dealing with changing our discipline regime to fit a kid too young to technically be diagnosed with ADHD, trying to keep up with a kid too young to technically be diagnosed with ADHD, studying for the GRE, getting caught up on bills, sorting out homeschooling curricula (I think its the direction we are going towards),  running the kids to school and library story time and to the park, and doing everything else I’ve somehow volunteered for or signed up on…

I need a break–or at the very least, a pedicure.

In the meantime, I’m trying to get everything back in order (including the Virginia Fall Allergy Season Recovery), and back on track.  Hope everyone has a wonderful turkey (or tofurkey) filled Thanksgiving!