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Since 1899, the midshipmen of the Naval Academy (GO NAVY!) have met the cadets of West Point (BEAT ARMY!) on the field of battle over a funny shaped ball in a test of will, strategy and strength (it should be evident which side this former sailor is on).  Normally, I’m not a football fan–I look at the Superbowl with the same enthusiasm as Black Friday (absolutely none)…but this game is different. This game is about the game (rather than hopes of multi-million dollar contracts and a free pass through college), and the glory (if only for a year), and a bunch of kids who will soon wear the uniform of their respective service, on active duty, where ever they are sent, voluntarily, because they have sworn an Oath–to protect and defend the Constitution.  So today, my munchkins will wear their blue and gold and at 2:30 (Eastern) the TV will be on football, for just one day out of the year.