Right now I’m procrastinating from packing and cleaning.  We are getting ready to move out of our corporate housing tomorrow before heading to an extended stay hotel for a few weeks, then the kids an I will head to Illinois to visit family for a few weeks, and come back to what is (hopefully) the last time we move for at least a year.  I’m used to moving and uncertainty, but the hubby’s gig as a contractor is 10 times worse than being in the military.  As long as everything goes well (prayers, energy, etc are totally welcome), some of that uncertainty should be ending soon (and while the moving is still a possibility, it would no longer be completely on our own dime).

In the mean time, I am completely and utterly sick of being the person responsible for packing and cleaning.  I *swore* up and down, backwards and forwards, that the last time I did this was going to be *the last time*…with the exception of Sharkbait’s womb time when I wasn’t allowed to lift more than 1o lbs and we hired movers, it has *always* been my job by default (deployment, separate duty stations, out of state job, etc) and I am thoroughly sick of it!  And so…I’m taking a little break and investigating the trailers for some of the years upcoming films (I love going to the movies).  After reading this article, I’m psyched–I love fairy tale remakes (particularly clever ones) and I can only hope some of these are just as good (or better)!

(Mirror, Mirror looks cute and funny and I love Nathan Lane and Julia Roberts)


(Snow White and the Huntsman looks kick-ass, though I’m not a *shudder* Twilight fan *gag* and I pray Bella can act in this movie)


And this looks like the first trip to the movies for the kids:

(or maybe the second, since The Lorax comes out in March, and this one doesn’t come out until June)