I’ve sort of abandoned this blog a bit, but I’ve still been reading my rear off…so here goes!

The first series, The Black Jewels trilogy by Ann Bishop, is a perpetual favorite of mine that I have read and reread at least a dozen times.  The books are pretty solidly set in the fantasy genre, with a minimal touch of romance in the third book, and definately need to be read in order to get the full story (the books are not stand-alone).  The books detail the life of Janelle Angelline and how she transforms the three realms of the world Bishop creates.  In this world, magic is an inherited gift among some humans and animal species.  Janelle, who is born as Witch–the embodiment of the dreams of those species with magic, comes in time to cleanse the taint brought by a quest for power by other members of The Blood (those that have been born into the magical caste of humans and animals). I’m not the biggest Ann Bishop fan normally, but this series kills it!

The second series only has one book out thus far, number two is out in August. By Heather Blake, the books are mysteries with elements of wishcraft–a type of witchcraft. It Takes a Witch: A Wishcraft Mystery is upbeat, fun and an overall good read with light elements of romance, a touch of fantasy and an overall mystery plot.

The third series is an e-book series by an independent author that I found on my Kindle one night when I was broke and needed something to read… A Modern Witch, by Debora Geary, is the first of three (there is also a spin off series) books with an incredibly new and interesting twist on witchcraft and magic. The books aren’t epic fantasy, and I really appreciate that sort of reading, when its been a long day…they are more about relationships, about people, and about magic. Its pretty much reading about normal people’s sort of charmed, but still challenging and magical lives…sort of how I would like my life to be once in a while, and just as much how it already feels at time. Debora Geary’s books are entertaining, lighthearted (but still with some serious stuff), fun and economical (and I love the idea of supporting an author, and not a publishing house).