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Do we really need a couch?

Intellectually, I know the answer to this…

…I just don’t actually know anyone that doesn’t have a couch.

Sure, I know that there are people on the internet that have living rooms without couches (like this one, or this one, or this one, or this one, or this one), and even this designer says that a couch can be unnecessary.  Sure, I even know that there are quite a few cultures where couches aren’t the norm.  But, for this culture, where we are already not the norm, it seems in this every-house-a-couch society that we might actually be pushing it with this one.

Plus, I have yet to mention to the hubby the idea of “Maybe we don’t really need a couch, babe.”

Somehow, I see that going over like a lead balloon.

When we moved out of our apartment last year (11 months ago, to be exact), we got rid of all of our furniture (too expensive to move and cheaper to pick up at thrift stores, yard sales, craigslist, freecycle, etc) and embarked on a year of staying with relatives, in corporate housing, in hotels and with friends.  Finally, the hubby got a permanent position instead of a contractor job, and we have now moved into our own place (part of the reason for my absence).

So, here we are, in our own place again, but with almost no furniture (and no appliances…I’m considering going microwave free too, but that doesn’t seem as unusual–even people without microwaves seem to have couches).

Granted, we’ve only been here couchless for a few  days…but I think I like it.  There is a ton of floor space for the kids to play, and no couch for all sorts of things to roll under (if you’ve ever found a  two week-old half-eaten apple under a couch, you know its not pretty).  And no couch doesn’t mean no comfy loungy soul-sucking relaxing seating (WTB)…

…maybe that will sell the hubby on going couchless.