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Happy Belated Equinox!

What we actually did on Ostara...

Somehow, amid the traveling and the moving (in which we still have neither couch nor microwave),and more importantly, the distraction of daily trips to the beach, I forgot about Ostara!  Strange…because it also happens to be my daughter’s birthday (which I did not forget).  But, in a way it works out.  The Hubby works M-F, so its easier to celebrate on the weekend anyhow.

…which brings me to my belated Ostara post.

While the kidlets and I were staying with my grandma (part of the reason for my unexpected hiatus, as she has no internet), I browsed through her Family Circle magazine, which has some neat egg decorating ideas, some of which we plan to try out after “quite time” (specifically, slides 2 and 5, if you check out the link).  We’ve hard boiled some eggs and last night we blew out the middles of a few (and made an awesome spinach quiche with the innards) to start an egg garland with (also an idea in the link above).  I’m also considering adapting the Polish tradition of the drowning of  Marzanna, which I think the kids would get a huge kick out of (if not this weekend, then next year) and possibly making some blini (actually, that would be Hubby’s job, since they seem a lot like pancakes, and he’s The Official Pancake Maker in the family).  I’m not sure if we are going to hide eggs or not, since there will be quite a few egg hunts as we get closer to Easter that the kids can participate in, and I’m not trying to encourage the massive amounts of junk food (I’m also not a fan of plastic eggs).

In the mean time (since I have lunch dishes to wash and quite time to referee), hopefully everyone is enjoying their official start to spring…even though, this year at least, I think the real start to spring was sometime in December.