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So, if you aren’t aware, the MegaMillions Lottery jackpot is at 500 million dollars.  And if you aren’t filthy rich already, that’s one heck of a chunk of change.  A one in 176 million dollar chance at changing your life, radically.

I’m not sure how many people buy a ticket and think about the reality of that much money, but the hubby and I have.  To be honest, the idea of having that much money scares the hell out of me.  A million dollars isn’t quite that scary; its enough to make one’s life middle-class comfortable, and have some left over to help others in small ways–buy a house, put money away for the kids’ education, pay off the bills (we don’t have *that* many), maybe get a new car and take a nice family vacation, help out some friends and family get back on their feet, give some money to a local charity or two, fill the coffers of the emergency fund and put the rest in investments for a comfortable retirement.  We’d still work, we’d still live in the same sort of neighborhood, but we’d be comfortable (and we’d probably have a couch).

But five hundred million dollars? *

What 100 million dollars looks like...now multiply by 5.

What the hell would we do with that kind of money?

Its not normal to have that much money.  And really, I wouldn’t want to have the kind of life where that much money felt normal.  There are some awesome responsibilities that come with that much cash, if we wanted to live the sort of life where we could still like ourselves when we looked in the mirror, but at the same time, that’s not enough money to save the world.  And I like me, pretty much as I am–and better the devil you know than the one you don’t, yeah?

So, if by chance, The Hubby and I hold the winning lottery ticket for the largest jackpot in history, I don’t think we would do that much differently…I’d like to think we’d just do more of it, particularly in terms of giving more (we already have a few organizations that we support, we’d just be able to do more for them, and that would be awesome).  I’m sure we’d spend more, and hopefully we’d save enough to make life comfortable as well.    I’m not sure though, that I would want to be so comfortable that I forget what its like to be powerless in a world of money.  Because, lets face it, money=power, and five hundred million pieces of power are corrupting.

Wow, that’s a downer.

How about ending this with 7 completely and utterly selfish things I would do for myself if we won this sucker?  Much more pleasant–winning the lottery is, after all, fantastical fantasy!

The Just for ME, If I Won the Lottery Bucket List:

  1. Plastic surgery.  Yup, I’d totally go under the knife and get one of those “mommy makeovers”.
  2. Take the kids to my grandma’s (her new house that we bought for her and my grandpa) and go on a honeymoon trip with The Hubby.
  3. Go for a one week spa trip to the Hershey Spa in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
  4. Nag the hubby into buying me my dream upgrade for my (lost at the beach) wedding rings.
  5. Hire someone to come in and help with the weekly housework (I hate scrubbing toilets, but we can manage dishes and a daily vacuum).
  6. Buy a Karmann Ghia convertible and have it restored and converted to electric as my “errand running” vehicle.
  7. Take paddleboarding lessons and buy a paddleboard.

*The cash option (getting all the money upfront) for the $500 million dollar jackpot is estimated at 349 million, before taxes.  Realistically, one should probably get an estate or tax or lottery attorney (yup, there are lawyers that specialize in lottery winnings) as their first step as the holder of a winning ticket.