I haven’t seen the show, but I recognize the phenomenon…and I have to say that it is a brilliant observation!

The Allergic Pagan

I’ve been watching this series on TV, “Awake”, and I noticed a parallel to some of my interactions with atheists and with believers.  The show is about a police detective (Britten) who is in a wreck with his wife and son.  Either his wife or his son die, depending on what reality he is in.  After the wreck, when he goes to sleep in one reality where his wife died and son lived, he immediately wakes up in another reality, where the son died and his wife is alive.  And when he goes to sleep again, he is back in the other reality.

Neither reality seems like a dream to him.  The two realities are filmed with an orange or green tint to designate which reality he is in.  He wears orange and green wristbands in each reality so he can keep the two straight.  Then it gets really weird…

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