When letters have colors…

…and Friday night’s random thoughts

Tea of the day: Iced tea made with Luzianne and Plantation Mint

Just watched: How Does the Brain Work?   an episode of Nova Science Now discussing everything from how our brains are tricked by magic tricks (and how studying them is useful for neuroscientists) to synesthesia (people that see letters as colors or sounds as textures, etc), to the right temporoporiatal junction and its role in judging the thoughts and actions of others.

Financial State of Affairs: Mostly broke, but enough to fill up the tank til payday (and then rent’s due, and the car needs a brake job and…hopefully there’s enough left for groceries!)

What’s cooking for dinner:Left-over Night! Pork cutlets with rice and green beans, cucumber salad, regluar salad, watermelon, and orange jello (unless it gets finished off at snack time).

Pic of the Day: me @ my beach!

Sharkbait Potty-training Status: Still no success for number 2, but we finally have regular daytime success for number 1 (no accidents for about 2 weeks)!  Unfortunately “success” means that the pants come down as soon as he has to go, regardless of where he is (embarrassing in the library and at the beach)…and we aren’t dry at night yet.

My Fan-girl moment: Normally I’m not a fan of reality TV, but I am so addicted to The Voice (despite being too old for fan-girl crushes, I have a thing for Adam Levine).  And I have to say that Christina Aguilera’s decision to give Jesse Campbell the boot earlier this week was idiotic–his rendition of Halo was effing beautiful (I actually cried). I completely agree with the CNN blogger’s comment that her decision probably cost her this season (and on the idea that her reason for eliminating him seemed flawed).

Pagan Forum thread on my mind: Devotional Work in Paganism–I’m working on a blog post (or more) based on some of the discussion in this thread!

Parting Thought: Sunday is Earth Day, and I’m about half done with my post for it, but in the meantime, I agree with blogger HecateDemeter that Earth Day should be the 9th sabbat.

A Parting Prayer:

I speak of darkness from out of darkness,

of night from out of night.

Night I praise, the first of all things,

the blackness within wich worlds are formed.

In the encompassing embracee of the arms of night,

everything was held that has existence.From under the blanket that she lays over us,

everything came forth that has existence.Birthplace of all, to you I pay:

Worthy are you to be praised.

(from Ceisiwr Serith’s A Book of Pagan Prayer)

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