Midweek Musings

Tea of the Day: Hibiscus Orange-aid–basically, its hibiscus tea with a ton of oranges.

More DIY Hair Stuff: So, if you don’t recall, I recently wrote that post on ditching shampoo, and then another one on herbs for hair, and last summer I even wrote a post on hair in mythology and magic. Today, I stumbled upon a recipe for a sort of sea salt hairspray! I’ve also seen ones for flax seed hair gel. I sort of wonder if you could use the flax seed hair gel* and a wee bit of conditioner alternative (which would be vinegar) with the sea salt and have an entirely “natural” hairspray…sounds like a fun exp-hair-iment!

Fan-girl moment:I was *so* happy with The Voice results last night–I love Jamar. I hope he takes the whole damn show! And I like Katrina too, more than Tony (because she’s more likable)…other than that, I like Jermaine Paul on Blake’s team, and Christina got rid of the only person on her team that I liked…so…I could care less in that direction at the moment.

Moment of shame: Wow, I sounded really shallow up there.

Picture of the Day: Chickadee Making Watermelon Juice

What’s for dinner:Egg noodles with butter sauce, baked chicken breast with orange sauce, broccoli and cauliflower and salad.

Suckitude* of the Moment: Well, we now have a hamster living under the cabinets in the kitchen bar. Blur (named because of his speed) hopped out of my hands today, onto the floor, and when I thought I had him cornered between the wall and the cabinets, it ends up there is a HOLE in kickplate/baseboard thingy under the cabinet. We have food laid out for him, but ever time he sees a person move, he ducks back under.  UPDATE:  Caught Blur at 2:43 am when I saw him on my trip to the bathroom (too much hibiscus orange-ade I guess)

In other news, we have a flat tire–somehow (the rampant construction in our neighborhood) it picked up two nails and a screw. We also need new brakes. Unfortunately, since only the hubby has a job (and is still in training and not working overtime) we don’t have much extra money until our state tax returns come in. Then we still don’t have extra money because we have a car to fix!
Also, Sharkbait just fell asleep–at 5 in the evening, this is not good!

Awesomeness of the Moment: A good friend of ours is in town for training before he deploys and is stopping by for dinner!

*Sex talk alert! So, I’ve totally seen flax seed “gel” recommended as a DIY lube too. That might be TMI, but I figure there might be *someone* out there to find that tidbit interesting!

**The topic has come up again at New Domesticity about the “dangerous allure of lifestyle blogs” and how bloggers prettify their life (IMO, as a form of escapism–I admit it, I’ve been guilty)…so I’m making a conscious effort to not clean up for company (at least not on the internet), and even blog the suckitude.

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