Picture of the Day

Why I woke up at 4 am:I’m not sure, but I’m not happy about it.

Sharkbait hasn’t been sleeping well or consistently lately, which makes his ADHD issues worse during the day, leading to more melt-downs and weirdly timed naps, which just contributes to the sleeping problems at night. And we are having middle of the night episodes that seem like night terrors. The last appointment at the neurodevelopment pediatrician lead to a suggestion of melatonin, which has been helping overall. So last night, when he fell asleep in the car at 6:30 pm after a trip to coolest pet store ever (more like a mini-private petting zoo) to feed the fish and pet the everything, he (of course) didn’t have any. As a result, he’s woken up at 12:30 (when he came into our bed), 2:30 (night terror, so not really “awake”), at 3:30 (he wet the bed, because we had forgotten to put him in a pull-up, and was mad about it), and this last one, at 5:30 when he decided to sleep on the living room floor.

And somehow in all of this, I woke up at 4:04 am, unable to go back to sleep, on Mother’s Day. Seriously, the one day when I should at least be able to sleep in a little bit! Although, this ridiculously early wake up, did let me get this picture… Awwwwww!

Tea of the Day:
I’m not sure, I haven’t made it yet…

Some interesting Mother’s Day Links:
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Mother Goddesses:
Isis, Cybele, Gaia, Demeter, Ceres, Juno, Rhea, Hera, the triple Goddess (as the Mother), Hathor, the Virgin Mary, Pachamama, Ashera, Terra Mater, Danu, Dea Matrona, Durga, the Heavenly Mother, Sophia, Frigg

What I would like this Mother’s Day:

  • To go for a jog on the beach, without kids banging on the door as I walk out of it
  • To take a long, hot bath without kids banging on the door to get in the bathroom
  • To take a nap without kids banging on the door to wake me up
  • A hug, and some original artwork, from the munchkin, a magically clean house and a dinner I didn’t cook from
  • To have Daddy Man magically realize all of this, and make it happen
What will probably happen this Mother’s Day:
I’ll end up taking the kids to the beach so Daddy Man can clean house.  He’ll insist that I take a bath and a nap, but both will be interrupted because the kids cause a ruckus trying to color on the walls instead of on paper (or something similar) while he’s trying to cook dinner.  And I’ll be the one doing the dishes.  Though its probably a good thing I won’t get to jog…since my bronchitis still hasn’t gone away…and a good thing I won’t actually nap, since it messes up my sleep mojo at night.

The Economics of Mother’s Day:
mothers day