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Random thought before tea: Its interesting what money can buy…cars, boats, mansions, designer clothes, justice, elections. (written at 7:27 am)

What’s for breakfast: Summer porrige! (AKA Overnight oats, yogurt oatmeal, refrigerator oatmeal, etc)
I will be perfectly honest, they do take a bit of getting used to, texture-wise.  But, they are tasty and nutritious and best of all (since its summer), NOT HOT and DON’T REQUIRE HEATING UP THE KITCHEN!!! Check out the recipes here, here and here. (written at 8:05 am, after feeding the kids breakfast, doing dishes and picking up a jar of marbles)

Deity for the Day: Sedna–Inuit goddess of the Sea and Mother of marine mammals.
There are several variations of her myth, but her basic story is that she was a beautiful (and either vain or independent) young woman who was taken (often kidnapped or in an arranged marriage) to be a wife by a hunter who ended up being a rather cruel spirit (often depicted as a raven or birdman).
Depending on the retelling, she either tries to run away before the marriage, or she tried to run away afterwards and at some point encounters her father whom either offers assistance or answers her plea for aid. Either way, they attempt escape by kayak and her husband gives chase and causes a storm to threaten them. In fear or desperation, the father throws her overboard and cuts off her fingers and then her hands when she tries to hold on, which become seals and whales and other sea creatures. Sedna sinks to the bottom of the sea and becomes the mother of all of the sea creatures.
Because part of her myth is that one of her favorite activities was to brush her hair (and having no hands, she cannot do so) that the way to gain her favor for the hunt was to travel to her with a comb and brush and braid her hair for her. (copied and pasted at 10:05 but actually written yesterday, in a comment on another blog post, I just edited it a bit…I’ve had Sedna on the brain again)

Tarot Card of the Day: Temperance from The Mythic Tarot
From the book: “Iris, guardian of the rainbow, suggests the potential for harmony and cooperation resulting in a good relationship or a happy marriage. We are challenged with the issue of learning to develop a balanced heart, while also being gently reminded that the Fool cannot remain forever even with the beautiful Iris, and must pass on to the next Moral Lesson.” (for more about the card) (written at 8:42 after phonics lessons and wrangling the witchlets into picking up their toys)

Herb of the Day: Bergamont
Bergamont can be grown from seed or from cuttings and prefers well-drained garden soil and full sun (but will tolerate a bit of shade). Its oils make it resistant to insect damage and its fresh leaves are lovely in an infusion or as a seasoning with pork and poultry, while the flower petals make a nice addition to salads. Bergamont is a masculine herb of Mercury and air; it corresponds with wealth and success. (written at 8:57 after refereeing a disagreement over monster trucks…and finally pouring my cup of tea) 

The Big Picture: A while back I read a blog post (don’t remember where, though I think it was linked from Emily Matchar’s New Domesticity blog), which talked about how easy it is for bloggers to make their lives look domestically blissful.  Their illustration was the difference between the close up and the big picture (see below). Emily’s blog often brings up the topic, sometimes likening it to a sort of housekeeping/crafty porn and often discussing how these sorts of blogs give us a warped sense of what life should be, versus what it really is (sometimes I wonder about this in homeschooling blogs).
I’ve occasionally mentioned how I try to resist this urge (sort of like cleaning the house frantically when someone calls and says they are stopping by) here, or trying not to be guilty of making this blog some sort of Pagan Good Housekeeping.  The problem is that I think sometimes the blogging process itself facilitates this image, whether or not the blogger wants it to.  You might notice that I’ve included a sort of “time stamp” below each section.  Without it, this post would probably look like I just whipped it out of my arse with sparkles and roses…but in reality, it will likely take me about three hours or four hours to write this.  (written at 9:32 after math lessons, vacuuming–again, and wrangling Sharkbait into underwear and out of his bike helmet for the seventh time today)

Random thought after tea: Its interesting what money can buy…cars, boats, mansions, designer clothes, justice, elections. (written at 10:30, after doing another round of dishes, finally finishing my cold cup of tea, watching Chickadee paint Sharkbait’s finger nails and writing the grocery list)

And finally…at 10:51, after starting a load of laundry and making a batch of play dough, I’m haphazardly proofreading before posting.

And finally (again)…at 10:57, after posting this, editing to add tags and all that stuff.  And because I found a big boo-boo.