So…I’ve decided to reblog this, just for kicks. It might be the height of blogging conceit, but it seems like it could be a good reminder.

It *is* Pagan Values Month after all! I think (being Pagan and a mommy) “being religiously polite” is a good value!

Originally posted on musings of a kitchen witch:

With much help from (and much thanks to) the folks at the Pagan Forum and CafeMom’s Religious Debate section for their constructive ideas, I’ve been working on list of behaviors and attitudes to reduce conflict over religious beliefs between individuals.  Think of this as Miss Manners putting the smackdown on multi-faith and interfaith discussions and debates!

Thalassa’s Etiquette Guidelines for Interfaith Discussion

1.) If someone asks about your religious beliefs, share (respectfully and with compassion). If they don’t ask, don’t assume that sharing will be welcome and go out of your way to do so.

2.) If you feel compelled to ask someone else as a way to spark a discussion about their beliefs, back off if they aren’t interested.

3.) Make sure the setting is appropriate for the discussion so neither party will feel uncomfortable.

4.) Don’t act like your truth is everyone’s truth–it isn’t, because if it were, there…

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