Delphic Maxim #26

Praise those having arête. (Επαινει αρετην)

In ancient Greece, the most prized trait one could demonstrate was known as arête.  At its most basic, arête (pronounced ahr-ih-tay) means excellence.  So lets talk about what arête means in a modern context. Be all that you can be.  Live up to your fullest potential.  Do your best.  Excel at whatever you put your mind at trying to do.  In short, do your best to kick ass at life.  Remember this?

What I think is more interesting that the idea of arête itself though, is the idea that the Greeks made the praising of it one of their maxims before the pursuit of it or the possession of it.

It seems a bit like parenting–praise the good behavior, if you want to have more of it!