A couple weeks ago, after our Broom and Brew meeting, we had a Wine and Tarot night and the topic of alternative tarot came up. Seeing as people have made a Hello Kitty tarot and even a Barbie tarot, I was a bit surprised to discover the lack of a Winnie the Pooh tarot. We made some wine-fueled effort to rectify that, though we only got about half-way through the major arcana. Does anyone have further suggestions?

The Fool: Pooh
The Magician: The Narrator
The High Priestess:
The Empress: Kanga
The Emperor: Owl
The Heirophant: Christopher Robin
The Lovers: Rabbit & his garden
The Chariot:
The Hermit: Eeyore
The Wheel: The Bees (sometimes you get honey, sometimes you get stung)
The Hanged Man:
The Devil:
The Tower: The Heffalump Pit
The Star:
The Moon:
The Sun: Roo
The World: The Hundred Acre Wood