Its nothing big, I just have a lot of stuff going on with work and a volunteer project I took on, plus the Chickadee starts school next Tuesday and I have to find a new babysitter for Sharkbait since Miss February should be starting her new job next week as well (and I need to get in to see my doctor, go to Chickadee’s open house, take both kids in for their physical, and get trained up for my expanded job duties).  On top of that, I only have a few posts left in my drafts folder to finish before the darn thing is empty and I have two random personal projects I’m working on in my off time, that I would like to devote a little more time to.

And, now that I just noticed that I even misspelled “blogging” up there, I’m not even going to change it, lol!

Many blessings & I’ll be back soon!