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Greetings from The Hubby’s XBOX.

A couple weeks ago, I had made the decision to get back to blogging…

…and events (namely my witchlets) conspired against me.

It all began with my decision to allow my children to watch a movie on my laptop, which ended in a cracked screen.  One computer down in a household of three computers, a kindle fire, and an XBOX isn’t the end of the world.  But it just so  happened that one of the other computers was already kaupt–a laptop sitting in with a puddle of juice under the hard drive isn’t good.  And then, The Hubby was sent on a job in SoCal…since his laptop and my laptop were both out of commission, I sent him with my Kindle Fire.  Sortly after he left, Miss February’s laptop’s battery died. And there was only an XBOX.

Welcome to First World Problems.

Yesterday I discovered that XBOX had an Internet Explorer app.

The relief I felt at being able to check my email was almost palatable…and slightly embarassing.  And blogging! And (after checking the prices of local computer shops) I can order a new screen for my laptop! Unfortunately, its an app–no spell check (please excuse spelling errors and typos as I’ve become overdependent upon spell check).  Oh, and I don’t see an entire screen–since I’m viewing on my TV and I have to zoom in, its a bit annoying–like using the internet on a large smartphone.  Plus, I had to buy a keyboard–my first incarnation of this post was incredibly tedious to post, since I was using the XBOX controller.  Lets just say, I gave up and scrounged a keyboard from the thrift store!

Which brings me to a listing of petty concerns that make me a bit ashamed–but I’m going to air my First World grievances anyhow:

  • I went to 5 stores today looking for bottled water.  Normally I don’t buy the stuff, but with a wierd storm on the horizon, it seemed like a prudent thing to do, to ensure drinking water.
  • I bought Chickadee a My Little Pony figurine because she really, really, really, really, really loves My Little Pony (and I admit, its pretty cute)…she loves the darn thing, and she plays with it, but she’s upset because (and I quite) “they are so darn wrong!”–they have naked foreheads (as opposed to a fetlock), some of the Ponies have their Cutie Marks on the wrong side of their butts, and their tails are wimpy.  Now…I had My Little Ponies as a kid, and if my memory recollects (especially since my mom saved them all for me and I have them for comparison), they were awesome.  What the heck happened to toys?
  • I’m not sure if there is a way to open a second window in this app.  And that disappoints me…I’m npot sure I can function effectively with such limitations.  Already I haven’t been able to double check that a fetlock is what I think it is from my adolescent days of reading The Black Stallion and Saddle Club books.
  • I really hate the skin on Brie cheese.
  • And for other complaints about the limitations of this app…I can’t copy and paste anything.  Or, at lease, if I can, I haven’t figured it out yet.  I have a post I’m working on about a project that I’m in the middle of, none of which I can talke about at this point, because I no longer have the technology to complete the darn thing!
  • XBOX needs more apps–a weather channel app would be good, a kindle app (though, I can probably pull up the cloud reader in the IE app), a wordpress app…

Which brings me to a final issue…if I’m on the XBOX for the internet, the kids can’t watch the Netflix app, and considering we can’t spend our last few hours of good weather out and about or playing with friends (Sharkbait has an ear infection, Chickadee has a sinus infection and both kids have strep), I feel as if that could become a crisis.  I’d rather let them watch a bit of TV now, before the power goes out…it gives me some sanity time to get everything in order before the wacky weather gets here!

Pssssst…Please tell me I’m not alone!  What are your First World Problems?  Air your grievances here!!